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Ready set go, how I do it at warp speed with the Gaelig

It’s 6 am ….and it has been one weird ol’ week. What with the stalkers and accidents…  and the cat whose eyes swelled shut and the other that hurt her leg AGAIN.

Luna pre car chasing phase

Hubby got a new job and Daughter is on her way with the grand babies so the next 7-10 days is going to be a wild ride! I have got to MOVE!

Here’s the music I listen to, while I’m going warp speed…

These are also connected to my Facebook sight.

Warning, don’t click if you are trying to relax!

I call it the Bonnet song

I don’t have time to be discouraged or overwhelmed! I just turn on that Julie Fowlis and GO! Can’t sit still listening to THAT can you?

Here is a place to just keep listening:

Now which direction do I need to go while I’m dancing about?

I need to baby proof the house, clean the carpets, muck the Rose garden, Stock the pantry, Fight back the ironing sprawl, bath the cats, change the sheets and was all the slip covers…. YEAH, RIGHT! HAHAHAHAHAH.

Note to self, Glass breaks,,,remove it.

I have found an actual FLAW in the Lady Iris Jean way of doing things this week. Grandbabies are new to this house and as I started the pr-cleaning prep … I had flash backs of Daughter at age 1 at Lady Iris Jean’s house. She was a holy terror. Thankfully she wasn’t a climber. My only hope is that this one isn’t either. THE Mimi was a stickler for cleanliness and order just like I am BUT, ..Daughter lives with 3 dogs and a Marine and a one year old. I mean so really…how clean do I need to go here?

Note to self remove the antique lamp and table.. Maybe I should just have them sleep in the garage? No, the cats sleep in there and they would be upset. I’ll figure it out somehow.

There will be crumbs, juice, spit, drool, spills and the occasional bodily fluid all over the place by the end of the 1st day. Put a woooooow on that there clean machine honey! Whites…thank god for bleach huh’ Mom?

At least I have a home carpet cleaner and you didn’t!

We have a saying in our family: “Is it clean or is it Mimi clean?”

Uhmmm, I think we are going to just have a plain clean.

Hubby and I have people over every Sunday and he got really exasperated this last week. He said ,” These people aren’t your mother and they won’t notice that dirty place on the sugar container just turn it over. Besides, she probably wouldn’t have noticed it either.”

Lay Iris Jean

Me: “ Yeah, you are probably right about the group and No mom wouldn’t say anything, we’d just find her in here cleaning it and she’d say “I’m just helping you, this looks like it’s hard to clean and I don’t mind, where do you keep your bleach?”.

Umm, yeah. Not going to happen this week I’m afraid.

So the list just got smaller. I figure the spring-cleaning will commence the day they LEAVE.  Baby and Daughter have been cooped up in a cold wet house for months and while it is wet here, at least it’s 70-80 everyday. We can all go play in the yard. Mark off another chore AND add baby proof the yard.

So that leaves (no pun intended), …a do – able list of fill the pantry, and baby proofing the universe as I know it…Yeah, maybe I can sew on… like Friday!

I found an old 1920-1930 baby romper pattern and whipped up 3 real fast. Heirlooming them, takes goobs and gobbs of time. I used lots of Swiss embroidery and insertion and oodles of lace. (Like about 5 yards of this amazing French edging (just on one little hiney! and 1-2 yards of the other stuff) I still have 1 to top stitch and 2 leg elastic weaving’s to do but I’m really pleased.What do ya think?

Ill be listening to this one for the hand work:

(The spinning songs)

3 little bubble outfits from 1920-30's pattern

Here are the pics I tried to upload the other day when I thought I would have a coronary from this darn blog. Enjoy.

1920-30s pattern and fabric with frothy frothy lace

5 yards of French lace on a baby's bottom, PRICELESS!

Oh… and Dear Lubbock Auntie the one with the Lacey shoulders I made with you in mind. Kisses!

Lace, embroidery and ruffles with polkadots!

Swiss embroidery, swiss lace and roses, so lovely!

This week I’m sure I’ll be singing this one A LOT ( about a complaining daughter) I PLAN to teach the LICKY-NAY song to the Grand babies!

Interested in Gaelic? the BBC is amazing in getting this to you and the kids!

Click here for Scottish and learn to play Peek a boo:

Or here to get the scoop on Irish Gaelig.

Both have Free lesson sites!

Like the music but don’t want to spend money (great for sewing to)


Have a great week! Slan

My FAKE grandbabies playing in the sewing study. Yes I'm strange but it works for me. (And yes they have the Gaelig)

Visit my store sometime!

Web store coming soon, oh lord I am SOOO looking forward to THAT program…NOT.



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Staring at Lace, conversing with my….. self?

Staring at Lace…I get the design board up to the lace part,and then I just STARE at it.

I have an enormous collection. It started when I wanted to get married in a gown covered in bits and pieces of scraps of lace in 2001. I found one…
It was $3000. I gagged, but was able to stop what followed only because I was wearing it. We went with a more flat style with scraps of lace on handkerchiefs with the date embroidered on them and an awesome Red velvet cape.

Red cape sans lace

But I started collecting scraps and bits, at close outs and at garage sales.
I had a daughter who was going to be of marrying age in a few years, like if, THAT ever happened….

She married at 2 am in Las Vegas in a pin-up girl style and dress in 2009 …BLAST, it was not (I’m too old for that caarap)…Sing with me now,… “I did it mmmyyyyyy wwwaaayyyyy”.

2 much at 2 am

So I HAVE all this LACE. I feel like I’m married to it somehow. I mean…what if it’s the wrong decision, what if I have to take it off, that’s a booger to do. But I get it in placed, and I’ll be attaching it on a sleeve after FINALLY deciding “this tea dyed french 2 inch would look incredible on a frothy soft blue top.”

I sit and pause as the machine starts to whine and I stop mid-stitch and think,
“Oh good grief, you aren’t marrying it for GODs sakes”….see what I mean.

One batch of lace layed out, I have way more...

Then comes…
“Well that’s just too plain, maybe we should improve on the plan”.


This is a red flag. This is NOT a good thing.
Improving on the plan usually gets me a flustered raving pouting mess…

I like these but...

I like these but...

And I just used these on this skirt

So I keep going. Thank goodness it’s time for a break.

Tea time with SELF

I almost messed with the plan.Thank the powers that be,… it ended before it started. It would inevitably ended up with me staring at the lace again (all 4000 or so yards of the stuff) and getting nothing done.

I say…,” Hay self, why do you do that?
Self says,”Is it because it’s pretty?”
“Na, that’s not it, I mean it is pretty and all but that’s not it.”
“Well, what the hell is it self?”
“Maybe you are superstitious, and think if you use it …I don’t know something will happen?”

“Na, it’s like eye candy,it makes me smile to look at it…I just love it!”

“Na, that’s stupid. You are just a 2 year old who doesn’t want to share.”

“Yeah, THAT could be it… You never did like to share either.”

Our store and children’s books can be found at:

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What’s up with the grief?

This site started as a sight for my mother when she passed away. It used to get a lot of hits so I thought I’d update the status on that.

Letting go of the loss of such a HUGE part of my life (my Mom) was and is so on my heart still. My beliefs are not “mainstream” and my personality certainly isn’t either. I didn’t really know her at all until around 1993. I only had 17 years with her which seemed very wrong and still does.

In the process of cleaning out her things, finding notes she wrote, remembering and re-reading emails, cards etc… A paradigm shift happened.
I seem to be finding an incredible amount of PEACE doing what I was and am doing.

I am sure there is some developmental or behavioral health theory that relates to it all – defines it. But all I can tell you is that it is working for me.

At 1st I was afraid that what she taught us and every person she met would be lost. Her memories that she hadn’t yet shared with her grandchildren, who are no where near an age that they even want to know much less CARE.
(Lets face it here, and I have been told this at work and by many younger friends: and I quote “You and your parents screwed up this world, why in the world do we want to KNOW or listen to you now!???” Sad but a reality in the year 2012. I got sort of tickled at a quote in an email a while back here it is)

Then I felt like I needed to fill her shoes as the family fell apart at the seams. Then about 4 months ago (1 year anniversary), I thought I would die myself from the grief of that month. Then, even so slowly, things started to shift.

“The world is too big for us, too much is going on, too many crimes, too
much violence and excitement. Try as you will, you get behind in the race
in spite of yourself. It’s a constant strain to keep pace. . . and still, you lose ground. Science empties its discoveries on you so fast that you
stagger beneath them in hopeless bewilderment. The political world is
news seen rapidly, you’re out of breath trying to keep pace with who’s in
and who’s out. Everything is high pressure. Human nature can’t endure
much more.
Atlantic Journal
June 16, 1883
Dave S

Now probably 1/2 the caaa-rap, that I get in emails is NOT real. I don’t KNOW that that was actually written in 1883 and really don’t have time to check it out BUT…

What a thought…. I recall my Mom talking like that, my grandparents….And I have CERTAINLY said “what’s the world coming to1?” more than a few times in the last 10 years not to mention in the last 19 months without her here to talk to!


After the initial year of overwhelming regret and temper tantrums about her “leaving me” (geeze, it sure is self-fish when you look at it). I rounded the corner with something like excitement, no it is and was excitement. She left me with mountains of information to record and research and put together. Mountains of more human experiences.

The outer stuff is more definitive….like….

My daughter ACTUALLY mentioned my impending demise. (No I’m not dieing that I know of) but THAT was a 1st ever and it happened a few days ago. I explained that I was writing as much and as often as I could about Mom…. That I wouldn’t leave her with questions about stuff if I could help it. I told her that if I don’t get it finished I would like her to continue. She wasn’t upset but happy and laughing that I was doing all this genealogy, family stories and pictures. She was thrilled we were able to get Mimi’s antiques, out of the “one that shall not be named” house, and that there are notes on them from MiMi and that I would do the same. She’s pushing 30 now. She looks at her daughter the way I look at her and the way that my mother looked at me….the way HER mother looked at her and Grandmother May looked at her daughters. The connection goes deep in this family

Have I let go of her? No I don’t think so. I don’t think I have at all. Folks kept screaming that I needed to LET GO. And I would scream NO NEVER!
Still haven’t. Going on with my life like I do when I loose a patient well…That just didn’t and doesn’t set right with me somehow. Each death that I helped someone go through (save one) has been peaceful for me. The love of the universe has another plan for them and it was okay and I was glad to be with them during those last moments.

That one died on my watch on MY birthday. I was not at her side. She had NO family of any kind and I have always thought that i failed her in some way. She was a kindly lady of 93. She died in her sleep alone and it still makes me sad, so I remember her just because SOMEBODY needs to! Maybe that’s why I feel that way about Mom. I just don’t know. What I do know is that the grief from October 2010 has morphed into a relationship with her memory. Interests and a joy at discovering those things deep inside me that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt SHE GAVE ME.

What I have done is hold her quite literally MORE dearly and closely in my heart and mind. I am old enough to realize that “Hero-izing” her is not very mature. I hate it when folks do that with ANY body’s memory. Mom was not a GOD. She was human with quirks and variations of the human “assets and limitations”. She was PERFECT just how she was made, warts and all. The way she could laugh about it all was unique and is so precious to me now. So how is it going now???

Well like this morning.. I felt that horrid awful hole in space and my heart soul and life. At 1st I thought “oh-God I’m depressed,”, then “Bull honkie honey you’ve felt this before remember…it’s the Mimi size hole?”

and then I think…”Hmmm, not that again, is it going to take me down again…
“No, not today, just for today ” Thanks Mom…
Then comes…
“Okay what am I going to do today to honor her?”

Somehow I am letting go more of my daughter, letting her make her own mistakes without getting hysterical. There is this knowing that she will always be with me as I am always with my mother and she with me. And I find Peace, maybe not joy, but at least peace.

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