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My weird sense of humor and revenge

On a lighter note…

Bed made with white bed linen. Four fluffy pil...

A bed is a sanctuary for a married couple. A place to rest and laugh sometimes.

Be careful what you say to me, I get wild hairs sometimes..

 Hubby had one of his tantrums where he says: “You need to think about someone besides yourself. You don’t ever think about me!”, the other day…

 I looked at him and said “Uhmm yeah, I’m the reason your pillow is cold every night.” It sort of shocked me but he shut up…everyone has bad days…being married this sort of thing happens and I laugh hysterically when he isn’t around…I sort of got maniacal about it yesterday.

Now, I take great care with the routine around here as you know. I make sure that his pillow is placed under the fan around 4 pm so it is cold. He likes a cold pillow and a special pillow case that’s really soft (and covered in roses).

So… Yesterday I got a wild hair while changing his special pillow case and,  put the entire pillow and case in the freezer at about 4pm. Put it on the bed at about 8pm while he was getting ready for bed.

 He NOTICED it was cold this time.


He got the message.



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Keeping a sense of Humor

Keeping a sense of humor is essential in our place, especially during the holidays!

I try to cease fighting anyone and anything” but it seems no matter what I do electronically becomes a battle of wills.You know that old saying “Pray and tell GOD what you want for the day…he/she needs a good laugh”….??? Well…

I get up everyday and ask that what is supposed to get done today gets done and present my list of wishes for the day for the Universal Spirits joke for the day. I bet yesterdays was a laugh a minute, cause NOTHING on the list was what got done! Lots of good stuff but just nothing on the list!

Facebook kicked me out yet again. Natta all day yesterday. Absolutely Natta. Finally just got back on from an email they sent apologizing for the block. Nice to know they were aware!

Spent 5 hours in town “volunteering” my services instead of the 2 hours that was planned.

Went by the Sewing machine store to pic up an attachment and they were so sweet and told me “We know the company tells you to use that but it won’t work so try this..” They are so awesome down there, and I am so grateful to have met them because… they ROCK!”

Tried to go to bed early for once but/and 5 peps called after 9pm.

I have turned in my wish list for today so lets see if what HP has “in-store” for me and my IDEAS:
1.Get my blog banner up – YEAH I got it done! What do ya think?
2.Finish Fancy Smancey petticoat/apron combo
3.Finish pin-tucks on heirloom yoke and cuffs
4.Take some pics and post them on here of works in progress as well as some yummy craft supplies I decided to part with
5.Iron some fine linens for the house as well as a snowy white dress I have in stock
6.get to the grocery for some more BIZ to soak my lil’ pretties in

We shall see now won’t we? The idea is to create and have fun!

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Battenburg lace and velvet

Yeah! I got the little dress finished. Now I can’t decide on accessories.
So many choices of colors, laces…OH MY! It is so yummy Edwardian and Victorian looking and I almost want to send it to my Granddaughter instead of putting it in the Etsy shop.

I’m trying to figure out how to get a pic on here but so got it….
This old-timer does not have clue. I had to search help to figure out how to get to the post page!

The serger? Yeah, not so good. I am going to have to watch the little video again but I really didn’t get that much from it and it was only 8 minutes long and appeared to be trying to get me to buy more attachments.

Started on an heirloom dress for a child’s picture session with corded pin tucks on MPs Batiste. Anyone know where I can get a handkerchief linen that doesn’t cost $35 a yard?

Funnys: I listened to so many Christmas Carols yesterday on 101.9 that I can now tell you what’s going to play next in the playlist!

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