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Eye candy update

Check out the Fb page for a preview of things at the studio.

Heirloom lace skirt- for Missy S.


When I die, I say just pile all that lace on top and leave me naked.
Remember the saying “She who dies with the biggest stach wins.”…???

Yeah, It’s like that.


Grand-baby coming in a couple of weeks and this place is not baby proofed. Gotta get busy wrapping some things up and fast! I spent 2 hours removing antiques from the guest room this morning (things that little hands can demolish). Jeff is going through and rehanging things with SCREWS…he envisions her to be a spider monkey capable of scaling walls with suction-cup like fingers. Ha!

Have a great day and enjoy the eye candy!


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Decadence has a big price…time

Decadence has a big price…time.

Wow, I got to sew yesterday! The list seemed to be agreeable to the powers that be! I worked on the heirloom yoke and cuffs that will be cord pleating. I own a man’s shirt from 1880 that has the pleats corded by hand at about 1/8th of an inch. It fascinates me with its stretchy yo-yo feel that is so sturdy, professional looking and well. . . just plain decadent.

Boy does it take some time to do though! I took 1/2 yard and started cording. All information on the topic, even from my 1900 books state you must mark from the last line sewn or each fraction off ends up WAY off in the end.(sort of like when you piece a quilt right?) So off I went, cording and marking and cording and marking etc….

I even pre-marked the fabric just to test the instructions. I am a bit of a rebel if you haven’t noticed. What I found was they were right to a point. After about 45 minutes I noticed the markings lined up with a place on my presser foot.The marking was the same for each previous cording. The pre-marks did NOT line up, so I am really glad I didn’t use them! So, you got it, I started using the previous cord pleat aligned with my “special mark.

One of Martha’s mags actually states a time per pleat and I think I was able to mirror that time but…

The next challenge was the tension causing my stitches to look wonky. It has to be set fairly high and pressure kept pulling the spools off! I noticed the stitch length would tell me when it was time to re thread so it looked nicer and more uniform and I didn’t have to pick and redo any more seams.

Now after about and hour and a half I had to move on to something else.
So I also did the technique with out cording on a Newborn dress. And did some fancy machine smocking for a pocket.

So what do ya think? Productive day? Can’t wait to see the finished dresses?

Check back tomorrow!

All this sewing and researching has really spurred my thoughts on clothing and fashion in 2011 related to our hard-earned money!


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Oldtimer meets the current century head on Day 1

14th centruy gaffing on full sleeve of chemise

Well this is certainly interesting. Sort of like those dreams where you are naked walking down the street interesting and no body is even looking!
It’s been a heck of a 72 hours playing website games. You know the kind where you have 2 pages of passwords that match every website you’ve had to log into since passwords started somewhere around 1993?
And then there are the pages that you have visited just in the last 3 years!

And then there is the figuring out of the dash boards,the settings and widgets not to mention how to link all this together (which I still have to learn 3 facebook accounts later) and…I think I know why people have addictions now…but not to this thing called a computer.

Did you know that this is my 4th post today and yet I can’t find even one of them? Where do they go? Are they on another planet or have they gone into some secret heaven?

Well anyway. store is coming along thanks to a very nice and talented Lady on etsy. Check her out! She blew me away with her Design!


or check out what she did for me at


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