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Laugh so hard you cry..it’s good for you.

A must read about police, giraffes, and children. This is PRICELESS

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We are a gang of idiots and by we, I mean us, all of us, you and me and those people over there, yes, them.

That’s exactly why we have laws, because we are too damn stupid to control ourselves, we need parents to slap our wrists and remind us we are too damn stupid to control ourselves, lest we burn our hands on the hot flame of danger.

When I was pulled over this morning I immediately checked my speed, because I am very careful about how fast I go on highways. There was a time that I liked to drive incredibly fast in small sports cars that could drive incredibly fast. Not anymore. I am older and slower. My reflexes dulled by years of abuse of one sort or another.

There is a new law in my state. You can no longer text while driving. Again, because we…

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