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Yeah I have columns!

It’s a slow trudge for happy destiny but persistence seems to pay off.

The computer:
I found the little page for columns.Still no categories at the top and the help desk can’t figure it out either. This is NORMAL for my computer problems. Remember Apple? Yeah, they can’t figure out why my printer won’t connect using an airport…nor how I keep ending up registered with 3 accounts with them…nor…. you get the picture.

Facebook notice to authorize is still right there and I give up for now as to figuring out just WHY…

I think I must have a prayer for patience stuck in God’s cache from years ago…. Geeze but I wish it would clear soon.

What’s up for the week?

My little world
Cleaning the studio after the set of projects just completed. I keep it so nice and neat and pretty until picture and posting days and then I just explode in there! Today I also need to wash some lovely lavender and white linen.

I have a push from the great beyond to do a linen Baby romper and a Madria edged sun dress out of this stuff. It’s just so…yummy is all I can say.

I have some really cool prints and they are so in style right now for the kids but my head keeps thinking about these lovely things so…

Winding bobbins, redoing the project boards I keep in front of me (to decrease my tendencies to go 10 different directions ya see), then some drawing and maybe some more pictures of some adult “Faire” dresses from the old store. Well when things go well anyway. I get tangled up in more ways than one some days as you can see…

Multi tasking doesn't work for me

The book:
I have been writing more regularly. I’m really please with how the characters are coming so alive with personalities sketched by words. This is most fascinating to observe. I know there are lots of software out there to help develop them but they just seem to be developing themselves.

I have an idea why, and it makes me giggle and want to write some more!
This IS about having fun now isn’t it!

I sketched some stuff while watching TV last night as you can see. Just some penciled ideas for the books. I have tended to put this one off in the last week. I can really get into the Zen of creating when I am drawing and the world goes away. I guess, the rest of my life is getting in the way! I have SO MUCH LIFE now, and not enough time to get into that meditative state. I know I can’t force any of. If it becomes an assigned task…I’ll loose the fun. So I think I’ll just be ware of it and see what happens.

Just doodling and trying to figure out how to put Lil’Iris in the snow head first…It’ll come…eventually

My closest spiritual adviser informs me that, as I probably will not become a millionaire by Friday, that,.. it is a good idea to just have fun until Friday and if I do become one by Friday…we can discuss that then.

i.e.: I need to stay in the moment to be productive, to have fun and to create in HP’s world…not My imaginary one:)

The Painting & the dolls:

Percephonee is still with us, she lives on the wall now.

I think I have decided to go with painting the eyes on the dolls. It is faster and I am better at it than delicate embroidery.

I tend to paint a lot in the spring when the weather here is in the 70’s. Most of the U.S. is still in Winter. Not here. From now until the 1st week in May it will be 70s-80s and the studio is lit by the sun that rises and sets totally on the south side of the house. It illuminates the area and colors are vivid.

I’ll also be working on the hair…(another doll part to add to the other doll parts laying every where in this house). I have several of Lady Iris Jeans little dolls and it is neat to see the expression of her in personality in the collection.

Well see you guys on Fb I hope, if I ever figure this thing out!
have a great creating week!…’til Friday.



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Oldtimer meets the current century head on Day 1

14th centruy gaffing on full sleeve of chemise

Well this is certainly interesting. Sort of like those dreams where you are naked walking down the street interesting and no body is even looking!
It’s been a heck of a 72 hours playing website games. You know the kind where you have 2 pages of passwords that match every website you’ve had to log into since passwords started somewhere around 1993?
And then there are the pages that you have visited just in the last 3 years!

And then there is the figuring out of the dash boards,the settings and widgets not to mention how to link all this together (which I still have to learn 3 facebook accounts later) and…I think I know why people have addictions now…but not to this thing called a computer.

Did you know that this is my 4th post today and yet I can’t find even one of them? Where do they go? Are they on another planet or have they gone into some secret heaven?

Well anyway. store is coming along thanks to a very nice and talented Lady on etsy. Check her out! She blew me away with her Design!


or check out what she did for me at


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